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File: 1281343481391.jpg -(cast 1280x1024.jpg, 434185 B, 1280x1024) Click thumbnail image for full size.
434185 Thumbnail of: cast 1280x1024.jpg No.3403  

How does lchan feel about The Real L Word?
I like it. I seriously think Whitney needs to just stick with Sara and be done with it, though.

>> No.3404  

I like it. At first I was all facepalm but all those crazy bitches grew on me.

>> No.3424  

Just started watching it, up to ep8 :D Kinda like its both entertaining and educational in way. ;p

Few observations:

  • whitney will always be whitney, mebbe in 10 years she can settle down but now everytime she tries someone will get hurt >_<
  • rose and natalie do not need to be in same room much less a relationship together
  • cream corn wrestling?!? srsly WTF @_@
  • tor is cute and needs to move out, get some distance from her cousin who makes it awkward trying to foist her on whitney constantly. It aint happening u_u
  • those two jewish girls... headshakes~~

also LA looks so much moar fun I've ever experienced there, go every so often on bizness, i srsly need to try get out moar :p

>> No.3425  
File: 1282015933055.png -(unintentional harem whitney.png, 206112 B, 340x247) Click thumbnail image for full size.


I saw the recap of the last episode - turns out that Romi and Sara were talking and they made out in a pool @ the Dinah. That was sort of fitting.

And Tor is cute as hell.

>> No.3429  

>>3425 nice pic
whitney is my hero! :p

>> No.4225  

Image Macro!

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